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Virtual inauguration of Computational Mathematics laboratory

Online Inauguration Ceremony of Computational Mathematics Laboratory

17th July 2021

A unique and inventive step in the direction of disseminating practical mathematical knowledge to students has been taken by P.G. Department of Mathematics, Doaba College, Jalandhar, under the aegis of DBT star College Scheme. Basic problem in mathematics is that it is being considered dry and tough subject and student unable to visualize the concepts and facts. Therefore, in order to make mathematics interesting and interactive, Doaba College has taken initiative in conceptualizing the fully functional DBT sponsored computational Mathematics Laboratory.

Computational Mathematics involves mathematical research in areas of science where computing plays a central and essential role. This laboratory is established to promote research in computational mathematics and scientific computing with special emphasis on applications to research problems arising in sciences. The laboratory’s major goals are to promote interdisciplinary research and the transmission of mathematical knowledge, and diverse research areas such as data analytics, differential equation modelling, mathematical biology, and optimization will be explored. It will also provide UG students an opportunity to get research exposure and exposure to research also helps students to explore career fields.

P.G. department of Mathematics organized an online Inauguration Ceremony of Computational Mathematics laboratory which is attended by around 100 participants and faculty members of different institutions. The chief guest of this event was Dr. Garima Gupta, Scientist ‘F’ and Programme officer, DBT star college scheme, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. The function is presided by Sh. Chander Mohan ji, President Arya Shiksha Mandal and Doaba College Managing Committee.

Dr. Garima Gupta, Chief Guest of event inaugurated the DBT sponsored Computational Mathematics Laboratory. She applauded the efforts of Doaba College and emphasized to involve rural area colleges in upgradation of science education. She appreciated the bench mark set by Doaba College in strengthening of under science education in college.

The worthy Principal, Dr. Pardeep Bhandari, appreciated the efforts of the department. He discussed the use of innovative techniques, technology and mathematical software to make mathematics more interesting. He expressed his gratitude to DBT and congratulated Dr. Garima Gupta for being elevated to Scantiest ‘F’.

The respected President, Sh. Chander Mohan ji talked about the great invention of ‘ZERO’ by Aryabhata and he also expressed that this inventive initiative will prove asset to the students centric learning. He congratulated Principal Dr. Pardeep Bhandari, Dr. Rajiv Khosla- Overall Course Coordinator and all the faculty members for organising wonderful event.

Dr. Rajiv Khosla, overall course coordinator, discussed about DBT star college scheme in Doaba College, Jalandhar. He mentioned that DBT Star College Scheme has been implemented in Doaba College in 2012 and the college has been conferred with DBT star college status in 2018 and received so far a financial assistance of Rs. 2 crores 36 Lacs for strengthening Science education under the mentioned programme. In 2020, the P.G. Department of Mathematics has been included in DBT star college scheme and sanctioned a financial support of Rs. 25 Lacs for three years.

Prof. Gulshan Sharma, scheme coordinator, Department of Mathematics, talked about purpose of Computational Mathematics Laboratory and application of MATLAB software in academics as well as research community. At last, online inauguration ceremony concluded with the vote of thanks by Prof. Arvind Kumar Nanda, Head of Mathematics department.

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