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Vivek Joshi

Proud Moment – Our ace alumnus Vivek Joshi a differently-abled person but more of a fighter visited his alma mater. Vivek Joshi is 100 per cent physically challenged due to cerebral palsy. He had to be operated seven times for health improvement. Exclusive speech therapy and occupational therapies were given to him in his childhood. Born with 100 per cent physical impairment and written off by doctors, it was the sheer grit and determination of his parents (both over 70) owing to which Vivek Joshi successfully completed his BA from Doaba College Jalandhar from 1998to 2001, then he did LLB and LLB MBA, MSW and is now pursuing PhD in Disability Management. Vivek Joshi was conferred with a National award in the self-employed category for his services to society by President Pranab Mukherjee in 2014. His mother was also awarded with Best Icon Mother award by then President in 2016.He runs his own NGO Madhav Sewa Society which has been providing free education to 61 students, including differently-abled. He also provides counseling to students and is an inspiration to many.Principal Dr Pardeep Bhandari deliberated with Vivek Joshi to work in consonance with innovative projects for differently abled students and youth in general with his NGO Madhav Sewa Society in future for the betterment of society.

Vivek Joshi Masoom

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